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The Argument
Hello everyone..... and i have returned from the world where i dont go on the laptop that much.... which basically my laptop was on all day long..... but today ima tell you a story about how this person falls for the person my character loves. so enjoy!
The wind breezed though the campus as summer ended. Classrooms closed, and dorm's locked out due to contruction. There once, was a teen who has set his life with the one he loves, living in an apartment. but in seperate rooms, something bad comes.
In the Apartment.
Julio: summer ended.... no more heat days...... the best moment to able to spend time with her.
( he walks towards the curtains and opens them, seeing the view of the city. He hears the door knock. Julio opens the door , seeing Grace. as he greets him)
Grace: Hello Julio!  ( she says it cheerfully)
Julio: hey. thanks.. come on in.. ( he allows her to enter)
( grace enters the room. removing her shoes as she walks up to him)
Grace: you know what were going to do?
( J
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Untold mysteries part 2
ello everyone and srry i havent been on for like 3 months i believe....... anyways i hope you find this strange....
(at julio's room)
julio: damn raccoon........ i really hate when that happens......
???: let your anger out...... let it consume you.....
julio: no..... and theres only one thing that can stop me from getting angry....
??? you dont mean?
julio: yup....
???: your bluffing.....
julio: nope...
(julio walks out of his room and heads to the campus as he sees daniel fighting some strange demon)
julio: doesnt concern me....
(julio heads to the library and meets up with grace)
julio: hey grace.. hows it goin?
grace: oh, hi julio..just reading about the human body.....and especially the differences between a male and female...
julio: ugh... science....i hate it....
grace: so why do you make stuff in your lab..... you know thats science right?
julio: i quit on that.....besides...theres only one invention that i have created..... and its project metalgear..
grace: project metalgear?
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Mature content
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mah pictures of uhh....


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only some knows me....
Artist | Student | Other
United States
im the new captain of the hagane! but im still recruiting some ppl........ anyways if anyone i mean anyone( besides oscar cause ima firin the lazer at his home) does hates the hagane.... then im useing the tronium cannon to destroy ur freakin place!!!!!!!

Current Residence: north hollywood
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite photographer: myself i take pictures also
Favourite style of art: anime,manga
MP3 player of choice: mp3,psp
Shell of choice: a peanut shell
Wallpaper of choice: plain
Skin of choice: my skin
Favourite cartoon character: keitaro,domon,negi,cloud
Personal Quote: umm....... next?
hey guys..... it seems that I havent been doing art recently...... besides the playing games and doing the homework.... but now that im back... im start making art... and whats this???.... its close to my birthday.... and ima make something special on deviantart..... so stay tune for the post that im going to be making
  • Listening to: the professor teaching
  • Reading: the computer`
  • Watching: the computer while i work
  • Playing: not games -rolls eyes-
  • Eating: cant eat in class.... are u nuts?
  • Drinking: i cant drink in class.... stop asking me...


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